About Us

Interior designer – specialist in residential and commercial spaces

Vision: Creation, renovation and transformation of any space through advice and innovative design from conceptualisation through to execution

Mission: To assist people to the best of my ability and guide them through a road that is virtually impossible for them to visualise

History: SPACEDGE DESIGNS is a Durban based Interior design company specializing in the design of residential, commercial, hospitality and retail spaces, offering hands on, full house interior design and décor packages.

After qualifying as an interior designer, I started off my career working for Classic Trading (2011) and Vawdas Interiors (2013-2016) where I gained a lot of hands on experience within the industry in 5 years.

In January of 2016, I decided to venture out on my own as an independent brand, which was very tough at the beginning but eased out as my experience and customer base grew. This helped me develop great experience, relationship with clients and confidence.

I am now well known within the industry, well acquainted with all the design houses, Sanware and accessories outlets and amongst most of the kitchen and furniture fitting companies. I now also specialise in commercial based spaces such as retail stores as well as corporate and medical offices.

Being in this field for 10years now, I learn each day and each day is a different challenge and a new trend.

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